Lineage Architects, PC is an architectural and engineering design firm located in Verona, Virginia. Lineage was founded in 2002 by architect Pennie Zinn Garber, and was joined by engineer Jonathan Garber in 2004. This collaboration allows Lineage to offer a broader scope of services to each client, whether working in residential, commercial, institutional, or agricultural. Our projects are located regionally including Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Kentucky. Our material palette is diverse, including insulated concrete forms, conventional frame construction, timber frame, and antique log homes.
The individuality of each project inspires the Lineage team toward an equally individual final product, translating the ideals of a client into a successful, sound building that is married to its site. In order to achieve this, the team at Lineage utilizes the standards proven to work, including teamwork, attention to detail, strong organization, and open communication. Additionally, Lineage remains open minded to new ideas and approaches.

You won't find a single architectural style in the portfolio of Lineage. Instead you'll find built expressions of the personalities and aspirations of the clients we've have been fortunate to build with.

Lineage is a SWaM and DBE certified business.